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Award Winning Gold Coast Master Builders

CEO and owner of Unique Homes, Mr. Jim Taylor, is a certified Master Builder (Gold Coast region) with a long and illustrious history of designing and constructing award winning luxury homes for his clients. A passionate tradesman who has been heavily involved in the building and construction industry for many years, Jim is committed to seeing the refinement and perpetual progression of all building processes that help provide a safer, more cohesive work environment and ultimately ensure greater outcomes for his clients.

What is a Master Builder?

A Master Builder denotes a builder who is affiliated with Master Builders Australia (MBA), the country’s foremost building and construction association. The status of Queensland Master Builder ensures that Unique Homes fully complies with the stringent rules and regulations stipulated by the MBA.

Why it matters

All MBA members are required to conform to the Master Builders Code of Conduct, which aims to promote safe, honest and reliable building practices while constantly seeking to evolve and advance current legislature for the benefit of the builders and their clients.

At present, the code of conduct consists of the following:

  1. Demonstrate fair and honest conduct in aspects of business operation
  2. Advocate the interests of the building industry whenever possible
  3. Seek to improve and evolve existing methods and techniques
  4. Seek to develop and foster positive relations with building industry authorities and administrative personnel
  5. Establish robust relationships with manufacturers and distributors of goods and services
  6. Encourage and endorse training initiatives that promote the utmost standards of workmanship
  7. Advocate skills development for all stakeholders that seeks to elevate and improve all practical and administrative industry skills
  8. Have direct involvement in Disciplinary Committee meetings and accept all outcomes determined by the committee
  9. Advocate the mutual exchange of all relevant industry knowledge between Master Builders members
  10. Ensure all business activities are performed to the highest standards of professionalism and with the utmost integrity

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