In life, we all have to compromise. But why, when we’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, must we compromise when it comes to the homes we live in? For most people, building a new home involves a great deal of concessions. These may be due to budget restrictions or whether to incorporate additional car parking for teenage children at the expense of an attractive outdoor entertaining area the whole family can enjoy. Or the compromise may simply be choosing a display home that isn’t perfect, but comes closest to suiting the family’s needs.

As the price differential narrows between attempting to adapt a project home and having a home custom designed to suit the chosen building site and the family’s individual lifestyle requirements, people are increasingly choosing the custom designed option. Jim Taylor has specialised in building custom designed luxury homes in south-east Queensland for more than 30 years. His company, Unique Homes, builds across a range of styles, from luxury waterfront residences to spacious acreage homes and stunning urban villas.

The Unique Homes Difference

As a relatively low-volume builder, Jim Taylor has geared his business to delivering homes specifically designed to satisfy his clients’ individual needs. “There are real advantages to building a custom-designed home,” he says. “From the outset, our design team works closely with clients to establish the vision they have for their new home. Our clients tend to be people who think outside the square. Often they come to us to solve a building dilemma.”

That might be designing a home to suit a difficult block (split level home design) or deciding how to take the best advantage of available views. “Our advantage is that we are generally able to incorporate clients’ own design ideas, while bringing to the table a wealth of inspirational concepts clients may not have previously imagined.”

The result is a home that exactly matches the clients’ needs and lifestyle while simultaneously being perfectly suited to the site it is built on, he explains. Jim says his company’s flexible design process is complemented by the way in which it can incorporate interesting and visually appealing architectural design features not normally seen in typical project designs. “The result is a unique home with architectural flair that’s far more enjoyable to live in and one that will continue to complement the family’s changing needs for many years to come,” he says.

Uniquely Innovative Approach

Examples of the company’s innovative approach to home design can be seen in some recently completed projects. One couple who were downsizing after their children left home still required a large garage for their classic car collection. Another couple, who are keen golfers, incorporated a separate garage for their two electric golf buggies. Another home included a purpose-built gymnasium, and a spacious butler’s kitchen was an important inclusion for a family that need to regularly entertain overseas company executives. Over the years, Unique Homes has assembled very experienced and loyal trade teams.

Their workmanship is reflected in the very high standard of joinery and internal finishes, luxury kitchens and bathroom designs included in each home. In turn, this increases each home’s market appeal and potential resale value. Jim insists on being personally involved in each home his company builds. “It’s a hands-on approach but it allows us to work very closely with our clients, from the initial enquiry, right through to the handover and after-sales service. I personally supervise the construction of every home,” he says.

Jim stresses that his company builds on the basis of fixed-price contracts, ensuring there are no unplanned cost blow-outs when the final progress payment falls due. “High volume project builders are simply not geared to accommodating custom design changes or difficult building sites and where changes become necessary, building costs can rapidly escalate,” he says. Unique Homes offers free design and free interior decorating assistance and provides a 25-year structural guarantee with every home it builds.