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Award Winning Gold Coast Designer Homes

If there’s one aspect that confirms Unique Homes’ status as one of the Gold Coast’s most respected builders of designer homes, it’s our in-house assembly of award winning designers. Since our beginnings, we have strived to establish a group of talented industry professionals who can absorb our client’s ideas of the ultimate luxury Gold Coast residence and translate them into a magnificent new homestead. If you have ideas and concepts that you wish to integrate into your future home, now is the perfect time to stop by one of our luxury display homes and chat with one of our professional consultants.

Customised Home Designs That Are Made Just for You

When you come in and discuss your ideas and proposed design with us, we will set about developing a deep understanding of your personal requirements, your desired home style and your budget. We will also carefully consider your planned building location and its possible implications to help develop a remarkable custom designed home that exudes style, sophistication and practicality.

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A Collaboration of Accomplished Home Designers

At Gold Coast Unique Homes, our clients are given access to our vast portfolio of award winning property designs. Our personnel consist of prominent architects and renowned designers who create breathtaking homes that amaze and inspire. We are able to effortlessly alter and add to our existing floor plans to help design an immaculate residence for you. Alternatively, we can work with you to devise a totally unique design from the ground up.

The Build Process – Where Dreams Come True

Once we have converted your original ideas and concepts into a feasible home design, we will initiate the council approval process for you. Upon receiving validation from council for the design to go ahead, the construction process can begin. Building a house comprises many specific tasks, all of which are overseen by Unique Homes’ Managing Director, Jim Taylor.

Once the entire build process has been completed, you will be invited to the formal handover meeting at our head office, where you will be issued the keys to your glorious new residence as well as your complete set of warranty papers. To discover a comprehensive breakdown of the construction process, please refer to our building time frame page.

Bringing The Absolute Best Out of Each Property

The Gold Coast is blessed with unrivalled natural beauty and as residential builders, we have a responsibility to create designer homes that make the most of these gorgeous surrounds. We want you to relax and savour the serenity of your beautiful outdoor environment. Each home that we design and build offers a seamless transition between the interior and exterior elements. This constitutes a critical part of the design phase and is something that we spend a considerable amount of time discussing with each client.


Advantages of Designer Homes

You have the final say – with a designer home, your input applies to every single aspect the home’s interior and exterior design. You’ll be collaborating with our in-house design team right throughout the design phase, to guarantee that the end result replicates your idea of the perfect dream home. As a designer home, you have the freedom to choose the precise architectural style that takes your fancy.

Often, clients will bring in a portfolio of magazine clippings from home magazines and real estate pamphlets or a USB stick containing photos of home designs that they’re fond of. Once the style of home has been established, then your home requirements can be discussed. You have the final say on every last detail of the home’s appearance, size and functionality.

It’s tailored to suit your budget – designer homes are often seen as being somewhat pricier than their project home counterparts, but the total cost of the home depends on your design choices. Regardless of what your budget happens to be, we can create a remarkable new home that will be an absolute joy to live in.

Environmentally friendly design – Australia is the driest continent on Earth (aside from Antarctica) and Queensland in particular receives an enormous amount of heat and sunshine each year, so it’s essential that each home is built using eco-friendly technology and materials that ensure maximum comfort for occupants, while minimising its carbon footprint. Each home designed and built by Unique Homes is eight star energy efficient and integrates the use of advanced rainwater catchment systems, grey water recycling devices and AAA quality insulation material.

Fixed Price Contracts

Gold Coast Unique Homes is a strong and financially secure company. All of our homes employ fixed price contracts, guaranteeing that there are no unforeseen budget blowouts when the final progress payment falls due. This is particularly important when building split level home designs on sloping blocks or difficult sites where building costs can rapidly escalate.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

At Gold Coast Unique Homes, all clients are treated to a full suite of benefits, including free home design, free interior decorating assistance PLUS an unprecedented 25 year structural guarantee with each home that we design and build.

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