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If there’s one particular element that establishes Gold Coast Unique Homes as one of South-East Queensland’s most renowned residential builders, it’s our award winning design team. From the moment the company was founded back in the 1970’s, we aspired to forge a loyal contingent of passionate personnel who possessed a true affinity for the custom home building industry. We wanted a group of individuals who could sit down with a client, develop a deep understanding of their requirements and wishes and transform them into a brilliant home design.

If you are contemplating to have a spectacular new residence built, we recommend that you make the trip down to one of our luxury display homes and discuss your ideas with one of our consultants.

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Our Building Process – Where Dreams Come True

When you meet with our team to discuss your ideas for the ultimate luxury residence, we set about developing a deep understanding of your requirements, ideal home style, as well as your budget. Your chosen building site is also taken into account to help us determine if there will be any special design considerations that will need to be made.

When building a custom home for clients, the first critical step that must be taken is the inspection of building site. Analysis of the plot is crucial to developing an understanding of the challenges that building upon it may present to us. It also allows us to examine the adjacent lots. Once we’ve evaluated the land, a detailed contour plan is required to enable our chief architect to draft a concept design.

When the concept has been completed, you will collaborate with our team to further refine the overall design and ensure that it remains true to your original vision. Once the designs are finished, a pricing structure will be assembled and the budget will be determined. Building a large designer home requires a considerable amount of planning and expertise to achieve outstanding results.

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You will meet with our managing director, Jim Taylor and the rest of our team in our head office to discuss your plans for building a Gold Coast luxury home with us. We evaluate the land that you desire to build on and explain any difficulties or limitations it may pose on your home design. We will discuss how much you are intending to spend on your new residence and recommend ways in which your budget can be best optimised to ensure the finest possible outcome for you.

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Based on the results of our discussion with you, our senior architect will set about creating floor plans and interior designs, which will then be exhibited before you. We then showcase an extensive range of high quality décor choices for you to decide on. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll then a create a detailed cost summary, based on your selections. Finally, we’ll create a schedule for your new home build, giving you an idea of when your spectacular new homestead will be ready for you to move in to.

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At this phase of the process, you are asked to finalise all your decisions pertaining to the overall design of the home and its interior materials, including those for the kitchen and bathrooms. Once you’re completely satisfied with the exterior and interior design of your new home, the contract documents will be prepared for you to approve and sign. All required building permits will then be obtained from your local council and construction of your glorious new abode can officially proceed.

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At the beginning of the construction stage, your block of land undergoes any required excavations so that the foundations can be laid. We keep in regular contact with you during the entire building phase so that you’re well aware of how everything is progressing.

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The Handover

Once construction is finished, you’ll be invited to meet everyone back at our head office so that we can hand over the keys to your magnificent new luxury residence. At this time, you will also be issued with a portfolio containing all the necessary building documentation and we’ll schedule dates for us to come and inspect your property, as part of our complimentary home maintenance package.

Two Storey Homes

When you nominate Unique Homes to construct your luxurious two storey home, you are assured of a truly personalised design and build experience. We commence the process by inviting you in to speak with our managing director and our design team to discuss your ideas for the perfect storey abode. When the construction of your new home begins, we keep you updated with the progress of build right throughout the entire construction phase.

Be sure to view our building time frame page to view a detailed breakdown of all the steps involved in the construction of a new custom home.

Single Storey Homes

A large number of clients seek out our services, as their design requirements simply cannot be satisfied with an ordinary project home builder. They desire something unique and innovative that compliments their lifestyle and personal tastes, rather than the same boring and bland, cookie-cutter designs that countless other home owners already have. We design stunning single storey homes that exude personality and sophistication, while remaining within your chosen budget.

Narrow Lot Homes

Compact or narrow blocks are becoming increasingly common throughout the Gold Coast. As land prices continue to soar, so does the need for home builders to provide creative home solutions to suit smaller plot sizes. With a team of award winning in-house designers, we can work with you to create a fabulous new home design that is ideal for your narrow block of land. For more information, contact us now and we’ll arrange to have an inspection of your block of land.

Split Level Homes

Custom built split level home designs are ideal for those wishing to build upon on a sloping block of land. There are a number of suburbs on the Gold Coast where sloping blocks are typical, especially in more rural areas. We have extensive experience in the design and construction of spit level homes and love the challenge of designing a great new home that’s not only practical for your type of land, but accommodates your personal requirements.

Split level home designs can sometimes involve quite a bit of consultation with local council in order to meet necessary approvals but our expert knowledge of council guidelines and local experience ensure that approvals are obtained in record time.

Designs That Offer Maximum Appeal

The Gold Coast is a delightful place to live, and as home builders, it is our responsibility to design homes that amplify the appeal and enchantment of your property’s surroundings. We create stunning home designs that immerse you in the idyllic beauty of Australia’s great outdoors. Each Unique Homes design makes the most of its immediate environment, delivering a seamless integration between the inside and outside sections of the house.

Uncompromising Quality

A high quality home isn’t one that just looks good from the outside, a high quality home is one that is constructed from the ground up using premium grade materials. This ensures a stellar property that is guaranteed to last. Along with the use of high quality materials, our uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship of the utmost standard, further contributes to our reputation as Gold Coast home builders of distinction.

We are proud to have senior employees that have been with us for almost as long as the company has, along with award winning designers and tradesmen who have all contributed to the success of the business throughout its history. Each home built by Unique Homes bears the mark of our collective experience, expertise and our passion for developing first class living spaces for our clients.

Solid Investment Opportunities

Our commitment to excellence not only guarantees a home that stands the test of time, but also ensures a property that is highly attractive to tenants and to buyers, should you choose to sell your home in the years to come.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

At Gold Coast Unique Homes, all clients are treated to a full suite of benefits, including free home design, free interior decorating assistance PLUS an unprecedented 25 year structural guarantee with each home that we design and build.


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