7 Must Know’s Before Building Your Dream Home


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Before setting out to build your dream home there are crucial considerations that need to be taken into place. After 500+ homes and 45 years experience building in South-East Queensland here are our top 7 must know’s before building!

  • Preliminary Considerations. Lifestyle requirements are key for the type of home you want to build.  Government regulations, height restrictions, and Flood requirements mean that special considerations need to be made during your design process.  An experienced, high-end, local builder can handle this whole process for you, saving you a lot of time and even more money, while making sure that your design dreams are realised and within the local regulations.

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  • Block Orientation – It’s important to ensure you make the best use out of your land, enabling you to capture appropriate views, natural ventilation and cooling and sunrise and sunsets, whilst also keeping a personalised orientation of rooms and designation of how you want YOUR space used. Make sure you get a design that is specific to your block orientation. 
  • You’re Unique. Be Unique: Custom Homes are a reflection of the individual. When selecting the designer and builder, ensure your thoughts, ideas and requirements are incorporated into the design and your vision is understood. Custom Design is a step above a standard project home. Most builders will give you plans of pre-designed, ‘project’ homes. Now this can be great to save time, however if you are spending the money, is it not better off to get a builder to make something unique to your land, personality and key features of the area, exactly to your taste/liking, and without compromise?
  •  (Durability) Test of Time:  Custom homes require a range of building techniques not found in smaller, standard homes.  A builder with a proven track record in design and building prestigious homes is vital to your end result.  


  • (Com Flow) Communication:  High quality homes require high degrees of detail. Clear and concise communication with a team of people who understand construction thoroughly, make the entire process clear, comfortable and easy to understand.

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  • Display homes and suppliers. Not all builders can showcase their attention to detail, or back up their promises with good quality suppliers. Ensure your builder uses strong, reputable suppliers, who can guarantee quality and supply of all products. It’s also important to ensure your builder can provide physical examples of their workmanship. Many designers and and builders may push impressive looking 3D concepts and mock-ups, but have never actually brought a design of that calibre to fruition


  • Real Builders. Real Experience Most people don’t know, however a lot of “builders” don’t have real building experience. Accountant’s, Lawyers and Big Business Owners see building as a cash grab. They establish propped up building companies for the opportunity to ‘cash grab’ on a booming industry, thus lacking trust, credibility and integrity. If you were to only take one point from this article, it is the fact that you need to find a local builder that has forged experience in the industry over many years, knows local council members and has built hundreds of homes, while being being personally involved in the building process – helping individuals bring their dreams to reality.


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Hope this article serves you well, if there is anything we can help you with in your building endevours, dont hesitate to reach out. 
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