3 Storey House Designs

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3 storey house designs

Spectacular 3 Storey House Designs

Offering the luxury of a versatile living space, 3 storey house designs are fast becoming an attractive solution for many Australian families.

At Gold Coast Unique Homes – an award winning luxury home builder, clients who elect to build three floor houses are rewarded with homes that offer unprecedented elevation and style as well as the added extras: spare bedrooms, lofts, entertainment spaces, ample storage and viewing areas.

Able to accommodate larger families in unrivalled comfort, clients have a number of options available to them when it comes to having a tri level residence built for them:

  • Select a template from our range of pre-existing 3 storey house plans
  • Choose to have a unique three storey floor plan designed from scratch
  • A combination of option 1 and 2; selecting an existing design but making as many alterations to it as you like

Whatever option you choose to go with, our 3 storey house designs are made to meet our clients’ needs, expectations and budgets, ensuring an immaculate home design that compliments your lifestyle.


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The Ultimate Dream Home

At Unique Homes, our in-house design team take the concept of a ‘dream home’ to a whole new level through the careful use of minimalist, ultra-modern floor plans and innovative architectural techniques, all of which aim to capture and amplify your home’s beautiful surrounds.

If you’re looking for a home with height and elegance, a three or more storey house may be for you. Typically, these floor plans include public living areas on the first floor with plenty of open space and room for entertaining. The second, third (and beyond!) floors include the bedrooms and baths plus, in some cases, an attic to further expand the living space. The extra vertical space allows vaulted ceilings, dramatic entryways and amenities like lofts.

  • Vertical separation between private and public rooms
  • Large open living areas on main floor
  • Soaring foyers, dramatic vaulted spaces

Each of our 3 storey house designs is a fusion of cutting-edge aesthetic stylings and thoughtful practicality, with each design providing a seamless transition between the inside and outside of the home. With so much space at your disposal, there are endless possibilities to incorporate breathtaking home additions, such as elevated ceilings and grand entrances.

Create amazing views and maximise your lot with a multi-story or three storey building designs. In some of these plans, sweeping staircases take you all the way up to a third floor, where extra bedrooms, leisure space, and even viewing decks may await. Other designs devote the ground-floor level to garage and storage, with primary living and sleeping spaces on the floors above — a great way to take advantage of a hillside lot. To move between floors easily, consider installing an elevator.

Enjoy the view from the top!

25 Year Structural Guarantee

Financial stability and a peerless reputation, coupled with an unmatched level of experience developing first class Gold Coast luxury homes for our clients, enables us to offer an astounding 25 year structural guarantee with all luxury homes built.

Fixed Price Contract

All luxury properties developed by Unique Homes utilise a Fixed Price Building Contract. No hidden fees or charges.

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