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Unique Homes, Luxury Home Builders On The Gold Coast

For decades, award winning luxury home builders, Gold Coast Unique Homes have set the standard for outstanding home design and flawless construction throughout the entire South-East Queensland region. The Unique Homes philosophy is simple; create homes that demonstrate aesthetic mastery, unrivalled functionality and incorporate the very latest in cutting-edge, energy saving technology.

We design and build spectacular luxury Gold Coast homes that epitomise this very doctrine and our resounding success has enabled us to amass an extensive portfolio of stellar home designs that accommodate the needs, lifestyles and personal tastes of our clients. Over the past decades, Unique Homes has grown to become a leading figure in the Gold Coast home building industry, securing numerous prestigious awards for their accomplishments and establishing a peerless reputation for home building excellence.

The Ultimate Dream Home

Clients of Unique Homes comprise a diverse range of demographics, from burgeoning young families to empty nester’s and recent retirees. Whilst each client of Unique Homes has their own individual reason for choosing to have a custom designed home built for them, their desire to have the ultimate luxury residence that exudes class and comfort, is something that they all have in common. Our in-house design team work closely with each client to develop a custom home design that caters to their exact requirements.

Each new home that we design and build for our clients is a purpose-built work of art; a meticulously crafted manifestation of their original vision. It’s a series of living spaces carefully arranged to complement and enhance their existing lifestyle. Our wealth of experience in the home building industry has enabled us to create a catalogue of magnificient home designs that can all be readily configured to comply with a client’s budget, lifestyle and building site.

In-House Design Team

Our in-house design team is well aware that certain building sites and client specifications can sometimes require a brand new home design to be built from scratch, but regardless of whether it’s built from an existing template or a tailor made design, the signature qualities of a Unique Homes property are always evident in every single home we build.

One of the great advantages of building a designer property with Unique Homes is that a fully bespoke architectural design can be attained without the need of enlisting the services of a third party design firm. Our acclaimed in-house design team handles all custom work and they are just one of the reasons why we are able to provide complete turn-key solutions for our clients. At Unique Homes, you have the luxury of requesting whatever design features you desire, ensuring that the final home design is one that replicates your idea of the ultimate dream home.

The Unique Homes Experience

Customer satisfaction extends far beyond the timely delivery of an immaculately designed and constructed luxury home. We understand that clients expect the utmost in professionalism, honesty and integrity from us, throughout the entire build cycle, not just at the beginning and the end. Our lengthy history in the home building industry has allowed us to refine and perfect our design process, resulting in a hassle-free experience that ensures maximum transparency at all times.

Structural Guarantee

Gold Coast Unique Homes works through all projects using very well tested systems which ensure your home is built to meet or exceed all relevant specifications.

There are even some current building practices which are quite legal but we won’t use them because we don’t think they are as strong and sure as some proven but perhaps more expensive methods.

The end result is that your home is built to the exact standards as Company Director, Jim Taylor’s own houses are built.

No short cuts and that’s why we can offer an unparalleled 25 Year Structural Guarantee.

Plus a 6 month maintenance program that really makes us unique in every way. Now that’s confidence

Gold Coast builder and experience at hand. So all up we design your home, build your home and guarantee your home is rock solid.

A 25 Year Guarantee is a very serious undertaking and that can only occur because our company is financially sound and because we build with precision.

The owner Jim Taylor is personally involved in every home built and that’s guaranteed too.

A wonderfully unique 25 Year Guarantee.

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